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Galerie Werner works are on display at The Mansions on Fifth Avenue in Shadyside, Pittsburgh.

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Galerie Hours:

By appointment:
(412) 716-1390

The Mansions on Fifth
5105 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Mailing Address:
2784 South Ocean Blvd, #106N
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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The Galeries

A Word from the Director




The Galeries

Galerie Werner proudly offers an exquisite collection of fine antique European art, beautifully appropriate for home or business interiors. Typically oil on canvas or panel, the works range in age from the late-18th to the early-20th centuries with the majority dating from the mid-19th century. The collection ranges from paintings executed in the style of the Old Masters to the Impressionists to turn-of-the-century Modern artists and others.

Galerie Werner offers extensive personal service from the beginning of the acquisition process to when the painting is displayed in your home.

Traditional subject matter painted in the Old Masters style, still lifes, Orientalism, portraits, scenes of European genre, hunting scenes, landscapes and others.

Our network of art experts in Paris is available for verification or authentication of dates, artists or provenance when necessary.

Works are restored, cleaned or relined by licensed restoration artists in Paris. Their expertise and quality of work is unsurpassed having had work experience at the Louvre and other major museums throughout Europe.

Galerie Werner strives to present an art collection of sophistication, quality and integrity providing extraordinary artwork and related services for extraordinary clients.

For more contemporary tastes, we are pleased to offer early- to mid-20th century paintings, drawings, lithographs and vintage photography.

A Word from the Director

As a young girl, the idea of surrounding myself with wonderful paintings was a dream I dearly wanted to realize. Early on, however, my ambition to own art seemed out of reach...I thought only wealthy individuals could own fine quality paintings, so I put my dream on hold.

Years passed. Family and careers took root. Then, finally, the time to revisit my dream arrived.

Without a formal plan or anyone to advise me, I began to visit galleries, scour antique fairs and attend art auctions on my own. I quizzed dealers, took classes in art history and began to devise my own set of criteria to guide purchase decisions. I would ask myself: Is the work skillfully composed? What is the professional history of the artist? Is the piece in good condition? Authentic? Provenance? Will I enjoy this work in my home for years to come? What feelings or memories does the work evoke? Finally, and perhaps most realistically: Is it affordable?

Now, as curator of Galerie Werner, I am truly living my dream. I have learned a tremendous amount since I first began, but one of the most important things I have learned is that "collecting" is not about money, but about passion and motivation. Be it watches, baseball cards, stamps or antique cars, individuals will allocate funds to surround themselves with the things they love.

So, if you love fine art and have been asking yourself: When is the right time to start collecting? I would respond by saying: There is no time like the present! My "journey" has been a long and cherished one, and I would be pleased to guide you through your own "journey" so you may fulfill your art collecting passion.

Very truly yours,

Melanie R. Werner
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