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Private Client Services includes:

Defining Your Collecting Strategy

Client Benefits

Corporate Art

Defining Your
Collecting Strategy

The criteria for building an art collection is highly personal. To avoid collecting in a haphazard way, it is important to establish a set of coherent and meaningful parameters beginning with your first purchase. Adhering to these well-defined parameters will help focus your taste, objective and budget. If you continue taking art collecting seriously, you will be grateful to have defined these objectives early on.

Buying decorative works for your home or office is important; these are the things you live with day-to-day. In every case, it is beneficial to collect the best quality work of art at the best possible price. Surprisingly, this is not always easy to do. Establishing a relationship with a private art dealer economizes time, carefully narrowing the search field to accommodate your taste and budget. Art dealers are available to advise on everything from the acquisition of a single work to the formation or liquidation of an entire collection. Also, engaging a private dealer offers reassurance on the condition of a work of art, comparative cost studies on other works by the same artist, condition reports, as well as evaluation of historical and aesthetic quality.

Professional Services

Once Galerie Werner helps define your collection strategy we can more easily propose specific works of art that reflect your taste - works that are appropriate and suitable for your surroundings and your budget. A meeting in the location where the art will hang, while not essential, is recommended. At that time, photographs of the room and measurements are taken. Interior décor, other artwork, and the client's lifestyle are considered. If you plan to continue collecting, it may be necessary at this time to discuss an appropriate budget that will allow for future acquisitions.

Once you have decided on the piece of art you will be purchasing, a statement is prepared describing the painting's aesthetic quality and historical significance. Provenance, exhibition history and bibliographic details are all very important and add to the value of a work. Similarly, Galerie Werner provides condition reports from independent conservators or restoration artists. Condition reports consider physical deterioration, fading, discoloration and excessive restoration. All of these elements influence the value of a work. A thorough condition report is a guarantee on your investment.

Other Galerie services include market research reports, assistance with negotiating or auction bidding, cataloging, transportation issues, framing services, photographing, lighting, installation and security.

Galerie Werner works with degreed experts both in Paris and the United States to provide documentation for works above a certain price.

Client Benefits

Our reputation as a trusted source for fine antique European art grows with each satisfied client. Galerie Werner offers a quality unique service that is affordable.

Frequent trips abroad enable Galerie Werner to stay appraised of current and ever-changing art markets, auctions, trends and art sources.

Over time, Galerie Werner has become a familiar face at various art markets and has cultivated long-term relationships with the most respected and reliable art sources in Europe.

Galerie Werner specializes in importing and selling fine antique European art and has created a genuine niche in this region.

For European decorative objects such as tapestries, maps, antique or painted furniture, Galerie Werner has numerous resources. We have access to a broad range of craftsmen for ironwork, antique fireplaces, lighting, antique architectural elements, garden ornaments and other home interior decorative objects and accessories.

Works from Galerie Werner are offered "ready-to-hang." We ship or deliver paintings anywhere in the world, and will ensure their proper hanging and lighting once they arrive.

Galerie Werner often exhibits work from contemporary artists. We proudly support and display quality work by emerging artists for viewing by budding or seasoned collectors.

Corporate Art

Fine art can play an important role in the image a company projects. Business, industry, law and medical professionals can benefit by developing a corporate art collection. All services for private clients are applicable for corporate clients as well. Please contact Galerie Werner for more information on works for a corporate atmosphere.
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